About Plivertees


Plivertees is a streetwear brand for men and women created by Costa Rican artist Oliver Skinner in 2004.

It was born from his fascination of the power of t-shirts —a seemingly simple piece of apparel— to create social interaction, to serve both as a canvas and a channel to communicate your style, your tastes or even the way you feel.

Inspired by cult songs, films and bold statements, the designs can be summarised as pop culture with a twist of nostalgia for the 80s and 90s. His collections are vibrant, colourful and carefree and they strive to give you something to talk about. That would be the ultimate goal, to evoke a human connection of some sort.

The brand also serves as a platform for other graphic artists and photographers to showcase their work to the world.

After garnering an international following from its home base in Costa Rica over the past 10 years, Plivertees is set to launch in London in the summer of 2015.

These days, you can probably find Oliver dancing in the streets of San José with his dogs, Hutch and Radar. 



The Plivertees Philosophy

We combine sleek cuts and heavenly soft, high quality garments while caring for our communities and our planet. All our t-shirts are Fair Wear Certified, made with low impact cotton, organic cotton and/or sustainable bamboo.